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When to Book Your Spring Graduation Portraits at The University of Alabama

Tips from Olivia B.

October 10, 2023

Hey friends! I have such a fun and informational post for you today. With my Spring 2024 Graduation session dates going live next week (but on Sunday, October 15th for my email list– you can join here!), I know many of you may be wondering when exactly is the BEST time to book your spring graduation portraits. While we all have a general idea of what campus looks like throughout the spring, you may not have been paying close enough attention throughout the last three springs to know when is your perfect session date for graduation portraits.

Having spent 6 springs shooting graduation photos on campus, I have lots of content to show campus throughout the months of spring, and am happy to share my wisdom with you! My spring grad season typically begins the week of Spring Break and goes through the last week of April. Stopping my sessions a week or two before graduation gives me plenty of availability for any rain reschedules we may have to deal with throughout the semester.

Now, let’s look at some beautiful Spring graduation portraits!

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

Skylar’s portraits were shot on March 13th– my very first week of shooting graduation photos for Spring 2023! As you can see, the trees were beginning to bloom around the President’s Mansion, but they weren’t quite full of life and green just yet. The campus is still beautiful, and it’s also much quieter in March due to fewer people taking graduation photos at that time!

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

The photos above were taken one week later, on March 20th. Look at the difference in the leaves at the President’s Mansion!

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

Emma’s photos were taken on March 27th. By now, we are seeing the trees really begin to open up their bright green leaves!

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

The first week of April is always my quickest booked week of the semester! These photos were taken on April 4th, and by this time, the trees are full and the tulips at the President’s Mansion are beginning to bloom.

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

By mid-April, we have to get a bit more creative with the angles we shoot on campus. Many other grads and their photographers will form lines to shoot, and well-meaning parents/guests will find their way into the background of my usual spots. This session on April 11th was still beautiful and showed off campus while minimizing the distractions in the background!

If you want a session around late April (the session above was shot on April 19th), one way to avoid the crowds is by starting your session time a little earlier! We were able to shoot at The President’s Mansion and stadium with very few (if any!) other grads and photographers in the background by starting Christy’s session at 4:00 pm.

Spring Graduation Portraits at the University of Alabama

Laurin snagged one of my last sessions on April 26th! The campus was full of color (and other grads taking their photos!) and we got some absolutely beautiful portraits.

The University of Alabama’s campus is so beautiful, that you really can’t go wrong shooting at any time in the spring. However, if you asked me, I would definitely suggest booking your session on one of my open dates in early April. I just love all of the colors and flowers that are blooming then, and if you love my work, I know you love them too!

If you aren’t already on my email list, be sure to join here so you can have early access to Spring 2024 graduation session dates on October 15th!

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