meet olivia b.

I began building my business at age 17, finding time for portrait sessions between tennis practice And babysitting jobs.

It has been over seven years since I started honing my craft, and after spending the last few years photographing an average of over 250 portrait sessions annually, I am so lucky to say that I have found what I am most passionate about so early in life.

Photography carried me through college at The University of Alabama, where I photograph hundreds of graduation portrait sessions each year, and was recently a graduate myself in December of 2019.

After graduating from UA, I entered the world of digital marketing at a firm in my hometown of Athens, Alabama. I worked in-office for roughly three months before the pandemic sent me home to work in my childhood-bedroom-turned-home-office. 

I rode out COVID from my childhood bedroom through October of 2020 before taking one of the biggest risks I've ever taken: moving to Birmingham and telling no one from the digital marketing firm that I was STILL employed by. YIKES. 

Finally, in May of 2021, I put in my resignation notice with the digital marketing agency (still based in Athens, by the way) and was given my past team's full support to pursue my dream job full-time.

Now, to be continuing and expanding what I love as my full-time career, I don't see how my passion for this business and craft could get any better-- yet it does, with every new client, couple, and family that I photograph.

hello there

I'm OLIVIa b.

Olivia 's architecture loving, 'War Eagle' yelling, second-shooter , wedding day personal assistant, and best friend.

Photography has been a part of Olivia 's life since she was 15 years old, and it became part of mine when she trusted me to second shoot for her for the first time in the summer of 2018. 

This was after the spring of 2018, when I took an eight week long study abroad trip to Europe. On my trip, I visited architecturally astounding sites all throughout Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, just to name a few. I had been sending Olivia images from the trip, and really found that I had an eye for photography myself. 

I tend to only be behind a camera in a portrait setting on wedding days when Olivia needs the extra help-- or when she ropes me into portait sessions, where I serve as the BEST personal assistant, bag-carrier, and other help as needed. All other days, I am an architectural designer at an architecture firm in Birmingham, and enjoy both photographing and sketching building designs and landscape imagery. 


hello there

Olivia's favoritEs

I am a small town transplant, having grown up in North Alabama before beginning my professional career and moving to 'The Big City' of Birmingham! Here are all the MOST important things to know about me:

Taylor Swift, Post Malone, FLEETWOOD MAC! 

Music artist

CrimeJunkie or Pretty Basic


Any variation of fajita vegetables, chicken, rice, and queso.


Over-sized Quay sunglasses with rhinestones around the lenses. So. Extra.


Hot pink 💖


Peonies and tulips... points to you if you can spot them throughout my website! 


Highlands, North Carolina

vacation destination

Harvest Gathering, mmm...

candle scent

Target. I go waaaay too often.

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I get the Standard with Brambleberry Cobbler and Gooey Buttercake!

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My fiddle leaf fig (#plantmom)

house plant

Parks & Rec

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bright and pretty things ON THE DAILY.

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