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Welcome to the OBP blog, where I share my favorite images, memories from shooting, and whatever else can't fit into a 140 character Twitter post.

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Bailey & Brody


June 26, 2020

When I graduated high school in 2016, I graduated with a class that had TWO sets of twins! We were always told how unique it was for us to have not one but two sets of twins in our class.

This year, I am feeling those ‘unique’ vibes again as I have photographed my first of what will be two sets of senior twins this year! Bailey and Brody are entering their senior year at West Limestone High School, and we were able to get together earlier this week to capture their senior portraits. I again visited downtown Decatur, Delano Park, and the Wheeler Wildlife Preserve for their portrait session, and was so happy with how their portraits have been coming out!

I especially love their portraits in front of the Old State Bank, and the new perspective I shot it in! Take a look through their images below, and let me know what you think in the comments 🥰

I love the Old State Bank in the background!
Bailey has the most beautiful eyes– and the BEST ‘soft smile’!
The hydrangeas are in bloom at the Delano Park Rose Garden!
I told you… the BEST soft smile!

I hope you enjoyed scrolling through Bailey and Brody’s blog! If you liked these images, I think you’ll enjoy Jackson’s blog too!

All images by Olivia B. Photography, an Alabama Senior Portrait Photographer. If you’re interested in having me capture your senior portraits, reach out to me here!

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