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How to Have a Standout Sorority Recruitment Headshot

Tips from Olivia B.

August 18, 2022

Okay, let’s be honest for a minute, friend.  First impressions are everything! A drape portrait from your high school senior portraits belongs in a frame at your house, not on your sorority recruitment resume and application! Yes, that photo is a classic that will be looked back on forever, but you want a standout headshot for sorority recruitment. There are thousands of girls who go through recruitment week, so it’s so important to show off your personality with your headshot. 

Here’s a fun fact: I was the President of my sorority at The University of Alabama, and I still remember the unique and fun headshots that were submitted to us! Now, I am a Senior Photographer, so I’d love to share some insight on how to have a standout sorority recruitment headshot if you’re getting ready for your Senior year and thinking of going through recruitment. 

What makes a good recruitment headshot?

Your sorority recruitment headshot should look polished and clean.  This doesn’t have to be over the top with hair and makeup.  Your headshot should reflect your best self, and it’s important to be YOURSELF! 

It should also have an interesting, but not overpowering background.  YOU want to stand out in your headshot, not the location. Your headshot is a great opportunity to show off more of who you are.  A skyline background or open field are two of my favorite locations for this.  If you opt for a garden background, you can stand out by wearing pops of color!

My next biggest tip when taking sorority recruitment headshots is to wear an outfit that flatters your skin tone.  Most times, sororities only want a close-up shot of you.  You don’t want to be wearing a super bright color that will reflect poorly on your skin tone.  If a full-body portrait is requested, make sure your outfit is also not too revealing or unflattering!

When should you take Sorority Recruitment Headshots?

Scheduling a Senior Portrait Session is the perfect opportunity to take headshots to use for sorority recruitment! Your senior session will already be unique to YOU, which will make for the perfect headshot.  These photos show off your own personality, which will help you stand out instead of looking identical to the application beneath yours. You can show off your personality through your hairstyle, outfit choices, and location selection!  The most important aspect to your photo session is to HAVE FUN and BE YOURSELF!

The stresses of getting together your resume, showing volunteer and work experience, community involvement, and more can be overwhelming when preparing for sorority recruitment.  Knowing which photo you will use for your headshot eliminates one BIG stressor.  

Just remember that your headshot will be the first impression you give each sorority in the recruitment process, so make sure that is a reflection of yourself you love! By doing a senior session, you will have so many options to choose from within your senior portrait album. This will ensure you choose the PERFECT photo to submit with your application!

Ready to book your senior session?

I would LOVE to walk you through that exciting experience of capturing your senior portraits! You can learn more about that HERE! I also offer a Senior Spokesmodel Team each year, which is a great sorority resume builder. If you are selected for the Senior Spokesmodel Team, this can be listed as a job on your resume. We do volunteer work within the community, grow your networking and communication skills, and I write great letters of recommendation for my Seniors! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, you can read more about it HERE!

In the meantime, here are some of my ALL TIME favorite sorority recruitment headshots!

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